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Admission Procedures

Academic schedule

Period Procedures Details
~ March, 2021 Application
[Application package submission]
  • Application deadline (to the KOICA overseas office and the Korean Embassy) : March 29, 2021
  • Prepare all required documents for your admission package and fill out the ‘Document Checklist’.
  • Submit the application package (including both university and KOICA application forms and other required documents) to the KOICA overseas office or the Korean Embassy by the submission date.
  • Original copies should be sent to the university before the phone interviews.
March 27 ~ April 7 On-site Interview (KOICA)
  • Participate in an on-site interview by the KOICA overseas office or the Korean Embassy. If an applicant lives in a country where the KOICA overseas office / Embassy does not exist or lives far from the capital city, he / she can be interviewed by phone after consulting with the KOICA overseas office / Embassy.
  • The KOICA Overseas office or the Korean Embassy send the result of interview and related documents to KOICA HQ : April 7
April 8 ~ April 21 Document Screening (University)
[1st round : Document Screening]
  • Applicants nominated by the KOICA overseas office or the Korean Embassy as a result of the on-site interview and have submitted their application packages are considered for document screening.
  • University conducts document screening.
April 26 Result of Document Screening
  • Results for the 1st round selection will be announced to the applicants.
[Preparation for the 2nd round]
  • Details of the interview including the interviewee list will be sent to the KOICA overseas office and interview arrangements will be made.
April 28 ~ May 12 Interview (University)
[2nd round : Phone(online) Interview]
  • University conducts the second round (interview) according to the interview schedule.
  • Interview schedules will be notified individually by the KOICA overseas office or the Korean embassy with 2-3 day notice in advance.
    * Some universities require a mandatory essay test for the 2nd round.
  • KOICA HQs announces the interview results to the KOICA overseas office or the Korean Embassy by May 14
May 17 ~ June 18 Medical Checkup (Local)
[3rd round : Medical Check-up]
  • Applicants who successfully pass the 2nd round must take the Medical Check-up at a designated institution.
  • Detailed guidelines of the medical check-up and list of the designated medical institutions will be given after successfully passing the interview
  • Examination cost, transportation and accommodation fees will NOT be reimbursed.
  • KOICA will not pay for any treatment necessary after the examination.
June 23 Admission Notification
(Result of Medical Checkup)
  • Admissions results(Medical Checkup result) will be submitted to the KOICA overseas office or the Korean embassy.
  • KOICA informs the participants of their scheduled entry to Korea after notification.
August Entry to Korea (Medical Checkup in Korea Etc.)
  • ※ The timeline for selection process and date of ‘Entry to Korea’ above would be changed due to the COVID19 pandemic.
  • ※ If you are disqualified for long-term stay by the medical check-up in Korea, you may be deported even if you have successfully passed the local check-up in your country.