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Graduation Requirements

A. Required Grade Point Average (GPA)
In order to graduate, students must complete 33 credits, earn a GPA higher than 3.0 (B or better), and pass comprehensive exams for 3 subjects.

Completion of Graduation Credits (Total 33 Credits) Comprehensive
Pre-Courses Concentration Required Concentration Elective Major Elective Research Exam
Pass 9 6 12 6 3 Subjects
B. Thesis


  • Students should have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Students should acquire or expect to acquire a minimum of 27course credits by the thesis semester.
  • Students should acquire or expect to acquire 6 research credits.
  • Students should pass English and comprehensive exam.
  • Students should pass the thesis proposal defense

General Thesis Schedule

Date Remarks
2nd Semester 2022.4.18~4.22 Preliminary Application for Thesis
2022.6.29 Thesis Proposal Defense
3rd Semester 2022.10.17~10.21 Submission of Application for Thesis Defense
2022.10.28 Submission of Thesis Draft
2022.11.25 Submission of Results of Thesis Defense
2022.12.21 Submission of Printed Thesis