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About KAU


KAU was founded in 1952, based on the founding philosophy of ‘Cultivating a pioneer spirit, Producing capable leaders who can fulfill their historical duties in a new era through preparing them with educated intellectuals and advanced science and technology’. It has been symbolized as the best specialized university in the field of aerospace science by nurturing professional manpower in the aerospace field over the years.

  • College of Engineering & College of Aviation and Management
  • General Graduate School & Graduate School of Aviation and Management
  • Fostering professionals in fields of aerospace science
  • Nurturing talented people who have both theoretical and practical skills
  • Cultivating balanced intellectuals containing excellent social adaptability

SPACE ability

S Smart Global Collaborators Ability to communicate and cooperate across space, time, and language barriers
P Passionate Explorers Ability to solve problems based on basic competencies in the field of expertise
A All-Round Experts Ability to solve problems by fusion of humanities literacy social sciences and expertise in specialized fields
C Creative Challengers Ability to pioneer a new future with creativity and challenging spirit
E Ethical Leaders Ability to realize the spirit of harmony and service based on morality