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Application Documents

Application Documents
  • A completed Application Form (as given by the school) with 1 photo (3 × 4cm)
    A Certificate of bachelor's degree or certificates of expected graduation
  • A Certificate of master's degree or certificates of expected graduation (for Doctoral Degrees)
  • An Official Transcript from the applicant’s Undergraduate School
  • An Official Transcript from the applicant’s Graduate School (for Doctoral Degree)
    ※ In cases where no total average GPA of the applicant and maximum score or grading system is listed on the transcript, please submit proof about these the University where you graduated.
  • Education Record Request with seal or stamp from the previous institution where you graduated. (included in the Application Form)
  • Release of Information Form (included in the Application Form)
  • A Recommendation Letter from the adviser or the Department Chair of the Univ. where the applicant graduated.
  • Certified language transcript complying with applying department(See the Admission Guide for Details)
  • A copy of the applicant's passport
  • Copies of each parent's passports
  • A Heath & Medical Clearance Form (included in the Application Form)
  • Certificate of applicant's or applicant's parent’s bank balance with at least USD 20,000/ RMB 130,000/23,000,000KRW
  • Admission Recommendation Form(See the Admission Guide for Details)
    2024 Fall Graduate School Admission Guide Application Form graduate
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  • * All documents should be original
    ※ Those who graduated from overseas universities or graduate schools (except for Chinese applicants) should submit their certificate of graduation with an Apostille or an official endorsement from the Korean consulate (or embassy) in the applicant’s home country. The transcript must be notarized in Korean or English.

    If a student has a degree from any of Chinese universities, the student must submit the certificate of Chinese degree from the sites below. Issuance of the certificate will take at least a month.(www.chsi.com.cn or www.cdgdc.edu.cn)