About KAU

Since its establishment in 1979 to nurture professionals in the field of aerospace science, this graduate school has continued to develop steadily and currently operates 10 departments of the master's program.

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Program Overview

  • To provide high-quality education for the aviation practitioners and professionals of developing countries with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the fields of (a) aviation policy and planning and (b) airport management and safety.
  • To secure a pool of future international experts so that they can actively engage in and play a meaningful role in the international aviation sector.


Citizenship: Be a citizen of the Scholarship Program target country.

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  • Dream, Ambition and youth



Course introduction from Korea aerospace university Graduate

  • 01
    Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
  • 02
    Department of Electronics and Information Engineering
  • 03
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • 04
    Department of Computer Engineering
  • 05
    Department of Smart Air Mobility
  • 06
    Department of Artificial Intelligence
  • 07
    Department of Semiconductor Science, Engineering and Technology
  • 08
    Department of Aviation Management
  • 09
    Department of Air Transport, Transportation and Logistics
  • 10
    Department of Business Administration
  • 11
    Department of Air and Space Law


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